Our Trees

The Noble Fir

Meet the Noble Fir – the embodiment of Christmas charm and simple elegance. These trees boast a classic, symmetrical shape and robust branches. Ideal for displaying your favorite ornaments, the Noble Fir fills your home with the delightful fragrance of the holidays.

The Douglas Fir

Discover the Douglas Fir – a Christmas classic that exudes natural beauty and festive simplicity. With its distinctive pyramid shape and soft, fragrant needles, the Douglas Fir brings a touch of the outdoors inside. Its lush branches provide the perfect canvas for showcasing your cherished ornaments, while infusing your home with the nostalgic scent of the season. Embrace the warmth and tradition of the holidays with the timeless charm of the Douglas Fir, a perfect addition to your festive celebrations.

The Nordmann Fir

Introducing the Nordmann Fir – Renowned for its lush, dark green foliage and impeccable needle retention, the Nordmann Fir offers a low-maintenance yet opulent centerpiece for your home. With its sturdy branches and elegant profile, this tree is the ideal canvas for displaying your treasured ornaments. The Nordmann Fir is where simplicity meets sophistication, creating a lasting impression for a joyous and stylish holiday season.

The Grand Fir

Meet the Grand Fir – a celebration of nature's grandeur for your holiday traditions. With its strikingly vibrant green needles and gracefully sweeping branches, the Grand Fir brings a touch of the majestic forest into your home. The Grand Fir fills your space with the invigorating scent of the outdoors. Elevate your festive atmosphere with the unparalleled beauty of the Grand Fir

The Silvertip Tree

Introducing the Silvertip, also affectionately known as the 'Charlie Brown Tree' – a heartwarming symbol of simplicity and charm in the world of Christmas trees. Standing proud with its slender profile and sparse, open branches, the Silvertip captures the essence of a classic holiday season.

With needles featuring a striking silver hue on the underside, the Silvertip creates a captivating contrast against the deep green on top. Embrace the nostalgia and authenticity of the season with the Silvertip – a true classic that captures the heart of Christmas.