"The best darn trees in these here woods!"

About Us

With over five decades of serving Long Beach, we provide a diverse selection of ethically sourced Christmas trees for your holiday delight. Our mission is to bring beautiful Christmas trees from the forest to your home.

Family Operated

For 50 years, our family has been honored to be part of Southern California's holiday celebrations. As we mark this milestone, join us in choosing a tree that captures the enduring spirit and quality we've offered for generations.

Ethically Sourced

Join us in celebrating the holidays sustainably. Our Christmas tree lot is committed to environmental responsibility, planting two new trees for every one harvested

Our Trees

We pride ourselves in ensuring your tree’s freshness from farm to home. Unlike competitors, our trees are placed in a UV protected tent, showered by a charcoal filtered sprinkler system. We keep our trees from burning in the sun and from molding in the tent — meaning for a longer lasting, fresher tree.

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Other Products

Discover a world of holiday charm with our other products! — from wreaths to playful snowmen and reindeers. Each piece, crafted from real materials cut from the very trees on our lot! They will perfectly complement our signature trees, creating a festive symphony in your home.

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